Workshop Italiano di SPICA 2016

4-5 April 2016, INAF Headquarters, Monte Mario, Roma

Workshop program in PDF: Italian Workshop on SPICA

Monday, 4th April 2016

14:30 Welcome Luigi Spinoglio
14:40 SPICA in the International Context Alberto Franceschini

The SPICA mission and the instruments:

15:00 The SPICA Mission and the SAFARI Spectrometer Peter Roelfsema
16:30 The SPICA Mid-IR Instrument SMI Hidehiro Kaneda
17:00 The Italian participation to SPICA Luigi Spinoglio
17:10-18:00 Discussion
1. What are the SPICA unique capabilities?
2. Would a FIR imager be scientifically important  on SPICA ?

20:00-22:00 – Social dinner at the Zodiaco

Tuesday 5th April

The science with SPICA: Status of the ESA M5 proposal preparation:

9:30 Status of the M5 proposal for galaxy evolution studies: part 1 Luigi Spinoglio
9:45 Status of the M5 proposal for galaxy evolution studies: part 2 Carlotta Gruppioni
10:00 Status of the M5 proposal for planetary systems Marc Audard
10:30 Discussion on the M5 proposal All

The science with SPICA: From galaxies to planets

10:50 The SPICA contribution to a panchromatic study of galaxy-scale outflows Enrico Piconcelli
11:10 Compton thick AGNs and the role of SPICA Andrea Comastri
11:30 Spectroscopy of protostars: Herschel results and the role of SPICA Brunella Nisini
11:50 Molecular emission from jets & disks in CTTSs: results with Herschel and the future with SPICA Linda Podio
12:10 SPICA observations of the solar system Ernesto Palomba

solicited and contributed talks:

13:30 The birth environments of the first stars and black holes Raffaella Schneider
13:45 Emission lines from galaxies in the Epoch of Reionization Simona Gallerani
14:00 Dust and gas in galaxies as seen by Herschel and what SPICA can do Paola Santini
14:15 Metallicity evolution probed by SPICA with rest-frame mid- to far-IR spectroscopy Giovanni Cresci
14:30 Star Formation in Galaxies during Dust Enshrouded Phases Giulia Rodighiero
14:45 Far-infrared line spectra of active galaxies from the Herschel/PACS Spectrometer: the complete database Juan A. Fernandez-Ontiveros
15:00 ALMA and SPICA synergies Francesca Pozzi
15:15 Predicting the FIR SEDs of simulated galaxies Pierluigi Monaco
15:30 The search for heavily obscured AGN in the Chandra deep fields, and prospects for SPICA Cristian Vignali
15:45 Variability phenomena and characterisation of exoplanets: a special niche for SPICA Valentina D’Orazi
16:00- 18:00 General Discussion
18:00 End of meeting

List of participants: list of participants

SOC: Luigi Spinoglio (Chair, IAPS, INAF,, Carlotta Gruppioni (OABo, INAF), Alberto Franceschini (UniPd)