Workshop Italiano di SPICA 2013

INAF Headquarters, Monte Mario, 7-8 February 2013

Workshop program in PDF: Italian Workshop on SPICA

Thursday 7th February

14:30 SPICA in the national and international context - Paolo Vettolani
14:45 A multifrequency view of the international astrophysics missions - Pietro Ubertini

The SPICA mission and the instruments:

15:00 The SPICA Mission Hideo Matsuhara
15:30 The far-IR SAFARI spectrometer Peter Roelfsema
16:00 The mid IR Camera and Spectrometer on board SPICA Takehiko Wada
16:20 The Coronograph Instrument SCI on board SPICA Hideo Matsuhara
16:30 The italian_participation_to SAFARI-SPICA Luigi Spinoglio
16:40 The Instrument Control Unit of SAFARI Anna Di Giorgio
16:50 The Low Noise Amplifiers of SAFARI Claudio Macculi

Friday 8th February

The science that can be done with SPICA

invited review talks:

9:45 Cosmological surveys with SPICA-SAFARI after the Herschel mission, in the JWST & ALMA era Alberto Franceschini
10:10 Deep cosmological surveys: what SPICA will do Luigi Spinoglio
10:30 Galaxy evolution: the role of IR spectroscopy Roberto Maiolino
11:00 Star formation: from Herschel to SPICA Cecilia Ceccarelli
11:30 Protoplanetary disks: from Spitzer to SPICA Juan Alcalà
12:00 Extrasolar planets characterization Riccardo Claudi
12:30 Studies of the solar system Ernesto Palomba

solicited talks:

14:00 SPICA – Euclid synergies on galaxy evolution Andrea Cimatti
14:15 Obscured black hole accretion history from IR bands Francesca Pozzi
14:30 The life-cycle of galaxies: feedbacks in galaxy evolution Fabrizio Fiore
14:45 Accreting black holes during cosmic times and SAFARI Fabio La Franca
15:00 The dark side of metallicity Filippo Mannucci
15:45 Synergies of SPICA with radio, from cm to mm and submm Luigina Feretti
16:00 ISM, filaments and clumps in the new Herschel Milky Way Sergio Molinari
16:15 Water in protoplanetary disks: future perspectives with SPICA Linda Podio
16:30 Spectroscopy of protostellar systems: Herschel observations and the role of SPICA Brunella Nisini
16:45 Tracing the formation and evolution of the giant planets Diego Turrini

List of participants: participants

Chair of SOC: Luigi Spinoglio, IAPS, Roma, Italy:

New: L’universo infrarosso di SPICA – video intervista a Luigi Spinoglio

News: Next SPICA Conference: From Exoplanets to Distant Galaxies: SPICA’s New Window on the Cool Universe, 18-21 June 2013, The University of Tokyo, Japan: